Employee Spotlight: Marten de Vries

            A seasoned veteran at Converge with over a decade of experience with the company, Marten de Vries plays a vital role in Converge’s mission to provide excellent quality for our customers. Being a distribution specialist, he is among the first and last to inspect incoming and outgoing components; Marten also plays a pivotal role in training new hires.

A Sense of Duty

Marten de Vries Employee Spotlight

Marten has become highly regarded for his knowledge, expertise, and reliability. As someone who started their career with Converge in November 2009, he is viewed as the “go-to” person due to his deep understanding of his duties and willingness to help others. Iman Esraghi, Marten’s manager, had high praise for him. “Marten is by far the most experienced employee on my team and his wealth of experience and knowledge has made him the cornerstone of our success.” Marten enjoys simple things and takes life as it comes. He is driven by his loved ones and believes it is simply his duty to perform to his best abilities at work and make as minimal errors as possible. When asked which part of Converge’s mission he connects most with, Marten responded, “To keep customers and their supply chains running. Maintaining our customers’ reputation, business, and production are a top priority for us.” This sense of duty and understanding for the customer is what makes Marten such a valued team member of Converge.

Thoughts on Converge

Marten holds several encouraging views of Converge and the electronics industry. He praises Converge for having an open culture, putting people first, and for continuously looking to innovate. “This is a great industry that will continue to grow due to the use of more and more electronic devices,” Marten shared. “Converge has grown tremendously since I originally started at the company. It has been amazing to see.”

Marten, thank you for the years of dedication and excellent work!



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