Inspection & testing

Quality programs ensuring reliable procurement and authenticity of components

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Meeting your production schedule means nothing if products aren’t authentic. Converge’s end-to-end quality management program protects you by vetting and frequently reevaluating suppliers. Our inspection and testing programs prevent counterfeit components from entering your supply chain.

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Supplier management

We source only from Converge-approved suppliers, verified through our supplier management program. We research and prequalify suppliers to ensure all products are procured from proven, reputable sources, and track quality history, performance, and service fulfillment, in addition to stock supply/demand and order history information.

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Inspection and testing

You want your components to meet your requirements and to be on time. Detailed visual inspection and testing by our qualified inspectors ensures we meet schedules and order volumes without sacrificing quality.

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Degreed component quality engineers

Converge is one of the few independent distributors to employ degreed component quality engineers who are trained on counterfeit awareness, detection and inspection methods, and customer-specific processes.

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Value-added services

We offer testing services spanning from custom counterfeit detection and mitigation inspection to solderability testing, DC/AC functionality, and more, both in-house and through partners.

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Multi-tiered inspection eliminates counterfeits in your supply chain

Our three-tier inspection methodology includes initial inspection when parts arrive, detailed inspection by engineers in our testing facilities, and a final visual confirmation before shipping.

  • Visual Inspection of Electronic Components – Our inspectors conduct visual inspections and authenticity verifications of all incoming product.
  • Electronic Components Engineering Inspection – Our engineers evaluate components at a microscopic level to ensure quality and authenticity.
  • Outbound/Shipping Inspection – As part of our three-tiered process, products deemed ready for resale go through final verification before being prepared for shipment.

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