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Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. Converge’s account managers have the knowledge and tools to provide data-driven solutions for even the most demanding supply chain challenges. These professionals provide expert support that wins your trust and dedicated customer service that earns your loyalty.

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Global commodity managers

Our global commodity managers are product and market specialists with unique insights built during an average of 25 years of experience in supply chain management. Our experts can identify and analyze trends to uncover risks and opportunities in the global procurement landscape.

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Local experts

Converge’s regional managers focus on strategic business development within a specific geography. The combination of local industry experience and data analytics allows these experts to deliver local, in-field consulting and solutions that further optimize supply chains.

Converge’s regional managers are supported by a network of more 25 local offices. The synergy of industry experience and Arrow’s 22,000+ workforce allows these experts to deliver in-field consulting and solutions as part of a global marketplace.

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Business operations excellence

Our business operations teams work behind the scenes to support and deliver seamless project management, integration, and consistent delivery of services to your organization. By working with us, you not only benefit from our global network, but also from the dedicated, experienced professionals who exemplify our organization.

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Logistics expertise

Converge’s logistics and fulfillment teams work with our account teams to coordinate timely domestic and international shipments. These experts also work with Arrow’s global compliance teams.

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Our quality team is your resource for protecting your supply chain

Your supply chain is not of much value unless it is funneling you safe, certified parts. And recovering value from excess inventory will not happen if you cannot assure buyers that they are getting the genuine article. We have invested in building an exceptional team of certified/tenured engineers that instills confidence in every stakeholder in the supply chain ecosystem. We empower our industry-certified quality team with the latest technologies to optimize inspection at every step.