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Insights and visibility to optimize your supply chain today and tomorrow

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Data has no value if it isn’t effectively analyzed, interpreted, and acted on. Converge has real-time, actionable global market intelligence at the commodity and component level. Our commodity managers have cultivated exceptionally deep experience in very specific markets. With end-to-end market visibility and unique insights, we’re able to assist you in optimizing cost, supply assurance, and the inventory disposition you require to navigate a dynamic supply chain.

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Unlimited visibility

Converge can cross-reference millions of parts with the internal part numbers used by thousands of OEMs and contract manufacturers around the world. Our experts can make rapid supply-chain decisions based on a comprehensive assessment of risk, obsolescence, and supply conditions.

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Proprietary analytics

Converge and Arrow’s combined data science team has built a set of tools and dashboards that give customers insight into expected shortages, the liquidity of excess stock, expected availability of obsolete parts in the open market, and the past performance of components.

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Parts mastery

Converge maintains the largest database in the electronic components industry. With this data, we can deliver the most complete search results possible, allowing us to identify, quote, negotiate, and execute transactions for you with maximum speed and accuracy.

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Actionable insights and superior service

Converge offers unparalleled market intelligence based on 40 years of building and tuning our supply chain. Our team of dynamic, market-savvy commodity managers has extensive experience quickly adapting to market shifts. The team takes pride in customer care, listening to client concerns, and learning how to serve them better. Our hallmark is flexibility, with a focus on building solutions based on customer needs.