End-to-end lifecycle management

Comprehensive supply chain solutions that break your barriers to success

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Would your business benefit from competitive financing solutions? Converge provides funding through Arrow Capital Solutions, allowing you to use available cash to invest in other parts of the business. We offer flexible and customizable payment structures with terms ranging from 12 months to 60 months and on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, and low-interest or even zero-interest loans.

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Risk management

Converge’s connected distribution model is aimed at controlling risk, not only across your supply chain but throughout the entire product lifecycle. From hubbing components to excess inventory management and investment recovery, we help you realize maximum value from every asset.

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Low-interest to zero-interest loans

Reduce your operational costs with scalable logistics and fulfillment plans. Minimize CapEx with pay-per-consumption models and flexible leasing plans. We can also improve your cash flow and lower your total cost of ownership.

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BOM streamlining

Would you like to reduce the number of vendors you work with when completing a bill of materials? BOM completion allows you to reduce vendors and mitigate risk by partnering with Converge and Arrow to design a group purchasing program.

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Obsolescence management

Obsolescence is common challenge, especially as the demand to continually innovate increases. Converge, in collaboration with Arrow Electronics and leading industry partners, has created a program called the Future of Obsolescence Management to connect customers with a community of global obsolescence management experts. Conferences, workshops, white papers, webinars, and consulting are all part of the myriad resources available to community members.

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Leveraging market intelligence for predictive sourcing and reduced risk

Data is the tool for controlling risk. Converge is able to make predictive sourcing decisions based on market intelligence, information that also enables supporting you with the financing you need to respond to market dynamics. We’re confident in our decisions because our people have the data and experience they need to make smart choices – for you and for us.