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How can you best manage risk for your business? Our sales professionals answer that question by getting to know your business and your definition of value, and then designing an intelligent, scalable supply chain solution. You make earlier and better decisions, reduce lead times, control costs, and even create new revenue opportunities. It all adds up to a business partnership that leverages best practice sharing and transparency.

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Inventory hubbing

You’re focused on your core business processes and capabilities, which makes it difficult to also constantly monitor market trends. Our deep experience and sourcing platform enable us to speculate and buy parts before shortages drive up prices. You will have the quality parts you need, when you need them, and reduce costs. And, you’ll have supply assurance during these times of increased obsolescence.

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Excess stock

Keeping stockpiles under control and getting the fastest return on investment is paramount to profitability. The custom programs we build for you begin with discovery, including evaluation of excess as well as your specific business operations, and determining the best method for disposition. Ultimately, we implement a tailored strategy maximizing value recovery.

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Last-time buy financing

Suppliers discontinuing a product puts you in a real bind. It can be financially painful to make a bulk purchase in advance of actual need, and storing them takes up warehouse space better used for immediate supply needs. Last-Time Buy Financing with Arrow Capital Solutions (ACS) funds purchasing large quantities of essential products that are being discontinued in advance, so you don’t have to. You enjoy the security of having inventory with the convenience of making installments aligned to projected use.  These solutions also cover costs associated with the holding and distribution of the products. 

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Demand fulfillment

Matching inventory to production is business critical. Converge’s trusted sourcing connections have been forged through decades of success with OEMs and their affiliated EMS/ODM partners. That creates channels for secure supplies even under the most challenging market conditions.

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Market data

Changes in sensitive markets impact all players. Consumer preferences in commercial and non-commercial verticals are more rapidly affecting demand than ever. Our comprehensive visibility and market data intelligence expose trends in supply and demand dynamics, empowering our customers to minimize shortages and optimize cost.

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Obsolescence and lifecycle extension support

When you’re faced with obsolescence challenges, the key solution isn’t one that postpones a decision. The key solution is one that gives you control, is right for your company, your customers and your timelines. Converge blends world-class quality services, unrivalled investment in our resources – like our brand new Hi-Rel test lab, our continual assessment of verified suppliers, our unique global reach – and deep experience across high-reliability industries to bring you the right solution, at the right time, to support your needs and goals.

Coupled with this pragmatic and trusted approach, we connect you to a network of your peers, our Future of Obsolescence Management (FOM) alumni. You also can draw on our unique FOM online collection of 50+ presentations, white papers, articles and interviews, along with webinars and global events to keep YOU informed and able to navigate through the increasingly dangerous world of obsolete support and sourcing.

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Keep inventory down without jeopardizing production, fill gaps, and quickly pivot to capture cost savings

In a way, every program for our customers is custom, because each business is different. What’s consistent is that the solution begins with market intelligence and ends with better inventory control. Based on trends, transactional data, and industry information, our commodity management team provides unique and actionable intelligence to secure your supply chain, ensure quality, balance inventory to need, and control costs.