Solving supply chain challenges with custom industry solutions.

Locate hard to find parts

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Balancing your inventory for current business trends is tough enough. However, ensuring what you’ve purchased today doesn’t become tomorrow’s excess inventory can be impossible. By combining Converge’s strategic supply chain solutions with Arrow’s global sourcing capabilities, we have created a platform with the flexibility and reach to solve immediate requirements, and the intelligence to anticipate needs on the horizon.

Highly Regulated Industries

Aerospace & Defense

Superior quality. Dependence on a myriad of sole-suppliers. Component obsolescence and long lifecycles. It adds up to a special set of challenges specific to aerospace and defense. Converge rises to these challenges with industry-leading counterfeit mitigation and obsolescence management programs.

Automotive & EV

Scaling to meet the growing demand for technological advancements and high-reliability for the automotive & EV sectors require strategic supply chain solutions.  Converge’s unique global sourcing capabilities and data intelligence on market conditions provides you the necessary insight to solve immediate requirements and anticipate future needs. 

EV Infrastructure

As EV demand rises, the need for EV infrastructure is always changing as well. By partnering with Converge, you can receive first-response data on the ever-changing industry and expert analysis to interpret risk signals and changes to the market, giving you the advantage.


Safety and quality are paramount, as always. But big data, connectivity, and an evolving competitive landscape pose new challenges. Converge’s experts help you speed time-to-market while meeting compliance mandates.

Technology Product Providers

Consumer Electronics

What does it take to keep a manufacturing operation running? The ability to forecast challenges. The availability of options when the need to pivot arises. Our data-driven global sourcing and ability to turn excess inventory into revenue let you focus on your core competencies, not the supply chain.

Cloud & Hyperscale

Your customers rely on you for components enabling scalability, uptime, and performance. Long-standing relationships with the world’s largest suppliers give our open market team insights we use to capture cost savings, develop custom component sourcing solutions, and cope with obsolescence and excess inventory.

Datacenters & Edge

Does your business model require significant investments in CPU, memory, graphics, and storage devices? Leveraging more than 40 years of listening and learning from customers like you, Converge offers support based on flexibility, financial backing, and an ingenius team that understands datacenters, networking, the IoT, and the future of computing.

Evolving Industries


The good news is that agricultural equipment has a long lifespan. The bad news is that it outlasts the integrated technology. We help you find the right part when you need to replace electronics in equipment with plenty of life ahead.


The time for digital transformation is now for energy companies. From data analysis to artificial intelligence and the cloud, advanced technologies can increase production and revenue. You can trust our team to locate the hard-to-find parts specific to your requirements, whether it’s for onshore/offshore oil and gas, solar, nuclear, and legacy or greenfield energy operations.

Rail & Maritime

Technology solutions for rail, maritime, and other transportation industries must be innovative, rugged, and compliant with country-specific regulations. Our technology partnerships and global industry expertise enable us to help you deliver the best solutions for the market and manage them across their lifecycle.