Rail & Maritime

Charting the Path to Success in Your Supply Chain

Locate Rail & Maritime Electronic Parts 


Innovation, efficiency, and reliability—these are the things that the modern transportation industry requires. Whether rail, maritime, or any other form of transportation, Converge drives supply chain transformation to ensure resiliency and support for regulations across the globe. 

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Exhaustive quality testing

The open market presents a high level of risk when sourcing components, especially for highly regulated industries like aerospace, defense, and medical. We help you guard against counterfeits with our strict inspection process, opening a new, safer resource for hard to find parts.

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Support for innovation

As the market moves faster than ever and begins to grow and encourage integration of new technologies, demand can rise for necessary components. Converge supports with personalized programs to provide you with market visibility and resiliency—all to help you continue to grow and innovate. 

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Decades of open market experience

It’s tough to put a price tag on experience, until it makes the difference in getting critical parts sourced or sold. Our commodity managers are long-tenured veterans who know your industry, technology, and company. And they know when to take advantage of the resources Arrow offers.

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Customized programs

Rapidly changing designs and constantly evolving component lifespans demand an equally vigilant and flexible approach to sourcing. Our team’s passion is developing custom programs that close inventory gaps, optimize your supply chain, and support growth.

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Creative sourcing solutions from a partner you know and trust

When shortages in commoditized or non-commoditized electronic components rock the global market, you need a resource that can respond with creative sourcing strategies. Converge combines traditional open market services with additional layers of data science, financial services, and operational capabilities. Add component testing, recertifying, storage, and hubbing into the mix, and you have a connected distributor that helps you achieve critical outcomes, even in difficult circumstances.