Employee Spotlight: Manos Kalogerakis

A member of Converge’s EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam, Manos Kalogerakis works as a Quality Assurance and Process Improvement Coordinator. Joining Converge during the COVID pandemic in June 2021, Manos immediately faced several new challenges. However, he is excellent at finding solutions for unplanned problems and quickly adapted. As a function of the Quality Assurance team, Manos has come to expect the unexpected. A large portion of his duties require him to ensure that processes and procedures are not only compliant and up to date but also carried through. Ultimately, his primary objective is to propel customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Manos coordinates both certification audits and customer audits.

Embracing Converge

Manos Kalogerakis Employee Spotlight“Quality, teamwork, and growth,” is how Manos describes Converge in just three words. A natural problem-solver, Manos reports that he has a passion for “continually seeking ways to improve [Converge’s] Quality Management System (QMS).” He connects with Converge’s mission to provide customers with the highest quality of service and finds enjoyment in thinking of “out of the box” solutions and “realizing small improvements that enhance efficiency.” Manos feels satisfaction in knowing that he has left a positive impact on his colleagues. He states that “to make someone’s workday a little easier or help them overcome a challenge is incredibly rewarding.” He describes Converge’s culture as being like that of a family and states that his coworkers are “enthusiastic people with great knowledge and expertise of the market.” Getting to learn and grow with and from his team brings him much fulfillment.

Manos has been a great asset for Converge. His dedication to quality has been very admirable. “Manos has a positive, infectious attitude, which makes him a pleasure to work with. That, coupled with his technical abilities and passion for quality, has made him a great addition to our EMEA team,” shared Dwight Gerardi, Manos’ manager.

Manos, thank you for all your hard work and commitment!

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