Growing Solutions to Extend Your Agricultural Lifespan

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The agricultural market has a two major challenges: maintaining the lifespan of older equipment and innovating for the future of smart agriculture to encourage more efficient production. With the addition of sensors and other large automated equipment there is a greater need for efficient, reliable, and sustainable electronics. As the market works against such large challenges, unique solutions are required to help grow resiliency and support the longevity of your supply chain. 

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Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence is common challenge, especially as the demand to continually innovate increases. Converge, in collaboration with Arrow Electronics and leading industry partners, has created a program called the Future of Obsolescence Management to connect customers with a community of global obsolescence management experts. Conferences, workshops, white papers, webinars, and consulting are all part of the myriad of resources available to community members.

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Parts expertise

Converge maintains the largest database in the electronic components industry. With this data, we can deliver the most complete search results possible, allowing us to identify, quote, negotiate, and execute transactions for you with maximum speed and accuracy.

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Support for innovation

As the market moves faster than ever and the Smart Agriculture Market begins to grow and encourage integration of new technologies, demand can rise for necessary components. Converge supports with personalized programs to provide you with market visibility and resiliency– all to help you continue to grow and innovate. 

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Risk management

Converge’s connected distribution model is aimed at controlling risk, not only across your supply chain but throughout the entire product lifecycle. From hubbing components to excess inventory management and investment recovery, we help you realize maximum value from every asset.

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Creative sourcing solutions from a partner you know and trust

When shortages in commoditized or non-commoditized electronic components rock the global market, you need a resource that can respond with creative sourcing strategies. Converge combines traditional open market services with additional layers of data science, financial services, and operational capabilities. Add component testing, recertifying, storage, and hubbing into the mix, and you have a connected distributor that helps you achieve critical outcomes, even in difficult circumstances.