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Scalability for Dynamic EV Infrastructure Demand

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As EV Infrastructure demand grows rapidly, scalability is vital to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. As governments around the world work to increase EV usage, there is a significant need for infrastructure to accompany the growing market and support for the increased strain on countries’ grid technology. Whether you are waiting for permits and require storage solutions for your components in the meantime, or looking for hard-to-find parts after finally getting your permits, Converge is here to help. 

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Partnering with Converge, you will leverage our experience, analytics platform, and global presence to scale to your component needs. With programs for both excess and shortage,  we are here to provide flexibility, control, and transparency, and to drive maximum value recovery—all while helping you scale to your demand. 

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Supply chain visibility

Converge’s extensive market knowledge, commodity expertise, and connections allow us to see disruption and excess signals in the market. We convert this data into actionable strategies to adapt to component shortages as well as surplus markets. Our approach allows us to react and advise you before pricing, quality, or production are impacted.

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Parts expertise

Converge maintains the largest database in the electronic components industry. With this data, we can deliver the most complete search results possible, allowing us to identify, quote, negotiate, and execute transactions for you with maximum speed and accuracy.

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Global distribution network

Whether it’s eliminating risk to production or supporting future innovation, your supply chain shouldn’t hold you back. Converge has the market insight and reach essential to quickly mitigate electronic component shortages.

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Creative sourcing solutions from a partner you know and trust

When shortages in commoditized or non-commoditized electronic components rock the global market, you need a resource that can respond with creative sourcing strategies. Converge combines traditional open market services with additional layers of data science, financial services, and operational capabilities. Add component testing, recertifying, storage, and hubbing into the mix, and you have a connected distributor that helps you achieve critical outcomes, even in difficult circumstances.