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You’ve built a product that has a long lifespan, and still meets compliance and user requirements. Your supplier no longer offers the parts you need to meet a spike in demand. How do you find the right components, from the right source, and remain profitable? Converge’s Future of Obsolescence Management provides the market data, analysis, and relationships needed to source the critical, quality, post “end of life” parts you need.

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Leverage tools for truth

There’s valuable information in your data. Finding it is the challenge. We have developed proprietary analytical tools for supply chain data, so we can help you make data-driven decisions based on deep analysis of your purchasing activities, goals, and market conditions.

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Focus on delivering results for your customers

Are you pulling resources off core business activities to cope with increasing obsolescence challenges? We are ready to connect you with multiple groups within Arrow, including the Converge team, Supply Assurance, SiliconExpert, Engineering Services, Digital, and Sustainability, so you can focus all your resources on delighting customers.

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Reduce financial and brand equity risk

You’ve always had to control risk relevant to components. Now you also need to consider the damage to your brand if products fail and create significant financial or physical harm. We help mitigate risk at every step in your procurement process, protecting your supply chain and your reputation.

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Join a community of problem solvers

Obsolescence is too big a problem to take on alone. One reason we developed the Future of Obsolescence Management was to create a community that could share solutions to shared problems. The Future of Obsolescence Management puts you in touch with a global network of obsolescence management experts. Conferences, workshops, whitepapers, webinars, and consulting are all part of the resources available to community members.


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