Employee Spotlight: Aldo Avalos

Always on the go, Aldo Avalos is a father to twins, an engineer, and a sales manager out of Converge’s Guadalajara office. But the thing about Aldo is he may always be on the go, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the changing landscape of this industry there are many challenges, both predictable and unpredictable, but this is where Aldo thrives the most. He embraces the dynamic aspect of this industry as he sees these as opportunities to grow and test himself. There was no more challenging period than during the pandemic and the unprecedented shortage market. “It was a very difficult time, yet also full of so many opportunities. I definitely grew a lot during that time,” Aldo explained.

Aldo has a sharp mind that is accustomed to problem-solving. This has not gone unnoticed. Javier Ruiz, who Aldo reports to, shared that Aldo “is consistently able to seize opportunities with current and future customers by creatively using his electrical engineering background.” Persistence, creativity, and quality have been imperative to Aldo’s career with Converge. “I have seen Aldo grow professionally and personally. He is great at mentoring new employees through his knowledge in electronics, the industry, and within Converge,” Javier added.Aldo Avalos Employee Spotlight

It’s this strong work ethic and drive to always learn and grow that makes it no surprise that Aldo is someone that a lot of people admire and look to for support. He has the characteristics and values that Converge looks for in its employees – he is inclusive and seeks out to get to know people from all different walks of life. However, he accredits a lot of his learning and growth to the tenured commodity managers and leadership team for passing along their knowledge of the industry and being a constant source of encouragement. “I want to specifically thank Mike Gately and Mark Baldyga for their tremendous support over the years and I have the utmost respect for them and all they have done for people like me,” Aldo shared.

Hopeful for Things to Come

Aldo’s forward-thinking mindset also has him looking to the future of the industry and staying on top of industry trends to best serve his customers. Aldo sees a lot of potential in the semiconductor industry and Converge. He believes “everything is shifting to a more electronic future,” especially as “technology in the automotive industry continues to develop.” The Mexican market is a key player in the greater global supply chain, and he added, “I encourage our Mexican team and the entire organization to keep chasing opportunities and lead with integrity and respect.”

We’re honored to feature Aldo in this employee spotlight and are excited to continue to watch him continue to grow. Thank you, Aldo! We’re lucky to have you.  

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