Supporting Longevity and Looking to the Future of Medical Equipment

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Guaranteeing the highest quality of components while also ensuring efficiency and speed can often be tricky. As the medical industry fights against an ever-evolving landscape, new shortages, and the need to be proactive, Converge is here to rise to these challenges and ensure the health of your supply chain. 

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High reliability

Whether it’s eliminating risk to production or supporting future innovation, your supply chain shouldn’t hold you back. Converge has the market insight and reach essential to quickly resolve electronic component shortages.

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Exhaustive quality testing

The open market presents a high level of risk when sourcing components, especially for highly regulated industries like aerospace, defense, and medical. We help you guard against counterfeits with our strict inspection process, opening a new, safer resource for hard to find parts.

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Supply chain visibility

As a connected distributor, we sit at the crossroads of supply and demand, helping our customers achieve their goals. Converge’s extensive market knowledge, commodity expertise, and connections allow us to see disruption and excess signals in the market. We convert this data into actionable strategies to adapt to component shortages as well as surplus. Our approach allows us to react and advise you before pricing, quality, or production are impacted.

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Obsolescence management

Obsolescence is common challenge, especially as the demand to continually innovate increases. Converge, in collaboration with Arrow Electronics and leading industry partners, has created a program called the Future of Obsolescence Management to connect customers with a community of global obsolescence management experts. Conferences, workshops, white papers, webinars, and consulting are all part of the myriad resources available to community members.

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Creative sourcing solutions from a partner you know and trust

When shortages in commoditized or non-commoditized electronic components rock the global market, you need a resource that can respond with creative sourcing strategies. Converge combines traditional open market services with additional layers of data science, financial services, and operational capabilities. Add component testing, recertifying, storage, and hubbing into the mix, and you have a connected distributor that helps you achieve critical outcomes, even in difficult circumstances.