Excess inventory management

A strategic partner that optimizes inventories and maximizes value recovery

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Excess inventory management is a common challenge. When inventory becomes a problem, you need a reliable partner with a strong global footprint and the ability to maximize resale. We thrive on making the connection between you and our network of customers. Creating markets is what we do.

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Common inventory challenges

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, excess inventory challenges stem from everyday business challenges – slow moving inventory, unexpected design change, canceled builds, datacenter decommissioning, customer returns, or demand/technology shifts.

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Flexible solutions

Partnering with Converge, you will leverage our experience, analytics platform, and global presence. We have several financial models to provide flexibility, control, and transparency, and to drive maximum value recovery. We offer flexible solutions designed to convert excess inventory into maximum ROI:

  • Outright Purchase – Quickest return via line item or entire lots
  • Consignment – Maximize value recovery over time, leveraging real-time customer visibility and reporting
  • Custom Solutions – Programs designed for specific needs
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Global reach network

Converge leverages its preferred status with OEMs, EMS, ODMs, and Integration Partners to bring your product to more diverse global channels. Our targeted marketing approach is focused around matching global supply and demand. We enable you to make confident inventory disposition decisions by utilizing our leading-edge data analytics and market intelligence.

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As a part of a $30B company, we maintain an annual sustainability plan to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is minimizing CO2e impact while ensuring maximum ROI from your excess inventory.

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Your advantage? Our market visibility, proven process, and product expertise.

Getting the greatest recovery from your excess inventory calls for a rare combination of process, people, and technology. Our process has been defined and proved through multiple transactions at small, medium, and large scale. The technologies we apply create multi-dimensional market insights enabling us to anticipate supply and demand. Then there’s our people, who are over-committed to quality, have the industry knowledge to know when something seems too good to be true, and the expertise to make the best decisions for your production line.