Employee Spotlight: Jack Moore

Recently appointed as the RSM for UK, Ireland, BeNeLux, and South Africa, Jack Moore ensures new account development, maintains and grows existing business, manages the UK and Ireland sales team, and is responsible for his own customers. Jack joined Converge in September 2020. He describes Converge as a “fast-paced, dynamic, and innovative company at the forefront of providing supply chain solutions.” Jack believes the company will “continue to grow and support new and emerging industries as the market changes.” Jack attributes his growth as a manager to Converge investing in its employees and also offering plenty of training opportunities.

I have been able to witness Jack grow from a manager to a true leader in the time he has been with Converge. He is a dedicated and committed leader who is constantly looking to make a difference. Jack takes a lot of pride in the team he has created and Converge as a whole,” Jack’s supervisor, Patrick Simpson, stated about him.

Jack’s motivation as a manager is centered around his team. He enjoys seeing his teammates flourish and achieve their goals. “It gives me a huge amount of pride when I see the newcomers succeed and establish themselves. The work ethic of everyone on my team, especially over the past two years, has been inspirational.” Jack draws inspiration from all of his colleagues, from those in junior roles, to the most senior. Watching how his team conducts themselves when faced with adversity brings great pride to Jack. “They embrace enormous workloads and never shy away from challenges,” Jack proudly proclaims. 

Tips for Succeeding at Converge

Jack believes that this past shortage cycle provided Converge with a great opportunity to demonstrate Converge’s capabilities and engage with new customers. “The depth of the teams we have globally, across all departments, the market data, and the data analytics are what set us apart from competition,” he stated. 

Ultimately, Jack believes for one to find success within the company, one must connect with all three parts of the mission – Respect, Growth, and Pride. He sees all Converge employees as important pieces to a greater system, one that relies on everyone working together seamlessly to succeed. “Respect each other as employees, respect the customer, and respect our partners; without them, our company has nothing.” Jack believes that continued growth as an individual, not just as a team or company, ensures providing the highest level of service to customers. All in all, Jack believes that everyone should be able to “take a step back and look at what they have built with a huge sense of achievement and pride.” 

“To be successful in the future, we need clear and concise goals, vigilance on the market, investment in the right areas, and smiles on faces,” advises Jack.

Congratulations, Jack! Thank you for your dedication and perseverance!

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