Employee Spotlight: Brianna Jenkins

As an Inside Sales Associate based out of Canada, Brianna Jenkins successfully generates leads and manages accounts. Brianna joined Converge in January 2021, and her experience has been nothing but positive thus far. She describes Converge’s culture as “excellent” and states, “the company is very welcoming, and everyone is kind.” Since joining Converge, she believes that her role has helped develop her career in numerous ways. This is Brianna’s first professional job and has immensely accelerated her career growth.

Headshot of Brianna Jenkins

Amber Sheaves, Brianna’s manager, describes Brianna as a dedicated and hardworking person who “has been a crucial part of the team’s success.” Amber also states that Brianna, “continues to do great work here and adds immense value to our team.” Amber is excited to watch Brianna continue to grow with Converge over the coming years.

One of Brianna’s favorite projects so far has been when she and Amber presented an overview of their roles to a group of interns. Brianna claims that this experience was “very rewarding to share our knowledge” and it “allowed us to see how many skills we’ve acquired since starting.” Brianna believes that her success and inspiration comes from the managers and coworkers on her team since “they have an immense amount of knowledge and are willing to offer any guidance.”

Brianna attributes much of her success to her team being knowledgeable and supportive. However, she shares that learning to navigate continuous challenges has also played a huge role in her professional development. She loves having the opportunity to expand her skillset and learn something new every day.

Tips on Succeeding at Converge

During her time at Converge, Brianna has consistently felt inspired and thoroughly enjoyed how diverse the company is. She believes that Converge’s global presence, with entities all over the world, is a unique element that makes her position more interesting. Brianna is adamant that, in order to succeed, individuals must take full advantage of what this industry has to offer. She is grateful that Converge extends plentiful opportunities and challenges, resulting in progression and success for both the company and the employees.

The part of Converge’s mission that Brianna most connects with is being prepared for the future. She believes that consistency and continuing to show up is the key to being successful. Brianna still remembers the feeling of her first sale. She considers this her proudest moment at Converge since “it felt extremely accomplishing and motivated me to want more.” In the next ten years, Brianna hopes to continue to add value to the company and to be successful, while also hoping to do a stand-up comedy show! 

Converge is extremely lucky to have Brianna Jenkins, and we appreciate all her hard work!

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