Employee Spotlight: Lawrence Tan

Instrumental to Business Growth

The daily business operations of Converge depend on committed individuals who keep the organization functioning smoothly and efficiently to serve our customers.

As Global Director, Business Operations and APAC Finance, Lawrence Tan manages several key areas at Converge including Business Operations, Finance, Administration, and Facilities. Lawrence has been a trusted team member of the organization for over twenty years and joined the company when the first office in Asia was established. Quickly Lawrence had exposure to the entire business from administrative and operational functions to IT and legal. This allowed him opportunities to identify gaps and propose refinements and enhancements to people, processes, and tools.

Even early in his career at Converge, Lawrence held multiple responsibilities for the APAC region. He built a strong foundation, created processes, and cultivated talent that has been instrumental to the growth of the business. One of the transformations Lawrence developed was a new concept for the business support team. The change was met with reservations at first, but within just six months of implementing the new structure, the adoption was highly successful and is one of the pillars of Converge’s strengths today.

Lawrence is fortunate for the continuous support from management, sharing, “I am empowered and given full backing over new ideas and suggestions, as well as full trust to perform my role. This motivates me to do my best and to exceed expectations.”

Like many Converge employees, Lawrence values the people he works with every day. He is grateful to have supportive leadership, a collaborative team, and hardworking colleagues. Lawrence adds, “It is their dedication and open-mindedness to new ideas that have led to the longevity of Converge’s success.”

Lawrence looks forward to contributing and witnessing further transformation as the industry adopts digitalization. Thank you, Lawrence, for finding new ways for the business to operate and continue to support our customers.


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