Employee Spotlight: Javier Ruiz Partida

Drawn Back by Innovation

The ambition and drive of our sales team is one of the main reasons that Converge is an industry leader and our regional manager of Mexico and Latin America, Javier Ruiz Partida, is a premier example of those qualities.

Javier originally joined Converge in 2007 out of our headquarters in Peabody, but after 3 years he was called back to Guadalajara, Mexico and soon after made the decision to take some time away from Converge. However, it wasn’t too long after that he decided to rejoin the team in the summer of 2013. “I was drawn back to Converge for their innovative, customer-centric programs and approaches to the business. There simply is none that compare, and I want to be part of something that can change the industry,” said Javier.

Now, Javier leads a diverse team of 7 with a wide range of roles & functions — including business development managers, advantage team members and ARS/Sales managers — to run the business for Mexico and LATAM. “I’m privileged to work with the best in the industry. The talent, knowledge and drive that I’m surrounded by is a true joy,” continued Javier.

“Javier has taken some of the most challenging accounts and have made them some of our most loyal and top customers,” said Bobby Ireland, Managing Director.

When hearing Bobby’s sentiment, Javier graciously added “when my team have their own successes, it is all of our success. We continuously grow in our field and our abilities and I genuinely consider myself part of a great family at Converge.”

Over the next ten years, Javier is eager to watch Converge continue to progress to be even more agile, intelligent, and adaptive to the latest technologies. Most importantly, Javier stressed that as a company we need to always be grateful to our customers and lead by example in the way we interact and do business.

Thank you, Javier, for being part of Converge.


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