Employee Spotlight: Ana Liza Brion

Embracing the Challenges

Converge’s high standard for quality begins with our people and no one is a better representation of that than Ana Liza Brion, our Global Component Quality Engineering Manager based in our Singapore office.

Ana joined Converge in March 2006 and over her nearly 15 years, she has established the consistency and diligence within our global engineering teams that has become the cornerstone for Converge’s top quality standards.

Previously coming from a process engineering background, Ana was responsible for ensuring the components we ship to our customers were based on manufacturing specifications. Beyond that, “I was intrigued that counterfeiting of ICs existed, and I wanted to explore how to detect this better,” said Ana. Now, Ana is our expert in the field of counterfeit detection and mitigation.

Being an expert means that Ana is always growing and adapting to the evolving challenges of the industry and counterfeit detection. “Today, counterfeits are more like clones of the original parts, but still present the same risks to your supply chain.  I’m able to be an investigator and develop new or different ways to detect counterfeits and substandard parts.”

Not only is Ana making sure suspect or fraudulent parts do not enter our customer’s supply chain, but also continually looking out for new techniques, equipment, as well as engineering talent to further strengthen Converge’s capabilities and expertise to safeguard our customers.

Converge is proud to have Ana and her dedication to quality and counterfeit mitigation. “When there is a technical issue in the component quality team, I am the point person to be consulted and my voice is heard and valued at Converge. That means a lot.”

“In addition to developing individuals, Converge also knows the importance of investing in sophisticated, top of the line inspection equipment, tools, and processes. That is evident in the addition to our quality inspection capabilities with our new lab and equipment in our Peabody HQ.”

“My hope for the future is that Converge continues to put the heaviest investment in our staff. And for those interested in joining recognize that to be successful in your career, you need to embrace and love it every day even through the difficult and more challenging times. As Dumbledore from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets says, ‘It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, it is our choices.’ The passion I have for this work and the culture that Converge offers is what has led me to be the global leader I am today.”

Outside of Converge, Ana applies these same skills as an accomplished chess player. She even wishes she had the chance to speak with Bobby Fischer to understand what he was thinking when he played.

Thank you, Ana, for being part of Converge.


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