Employee Spotlight: Sandra Schreyer

Servant Leader

A heart for service is at the core of who Converge is.  It is that dedication to supporting our customers and developing practical and efficient supply chain solutions that can be clearly seen in our team members, especially Sandra Schreyer, our Advantage Team Senior Sales Manager DACH, based in our Germany office. 

Sandra has been with Converge since 2006 and she explained that it was the people that not only first drew her to Converge but also one of the main contributors to her longevity with the company. “In the fast-paced world we live in today,” shared Sandra, “it’s reassuring to know that throughout it all, the team at Converge is here to support and help one another.”

Motivated by others’ success, Sandra has not only been an integral part of the sales team but also leads a significant portion of our employee onboarding program. Praveen Sharma, Senior Manager DACH and Sandra’s manager stated, “she is one of the prime examples of why Converge is so successful.” Praveen continued to share, “Sandra’s exemplary level of dedication, customer-centric mentality, and support is why she is truly a servant leader. After spending 15 years in this dynamic industry, Sandra remains one of the highest motivated individuals and puts her full heart into her work. She is a trusted key account manager, and I continue to learn from her daily.”

A lot has changed over the past 15 years, but Sandra said that one thing remains constant — “we are all one team, no matter the position you’re in. No matter the challenges of the day or the market, we all strive to help our customers and make a positive impact on their supply chain.”

Thank you, Sandra, for 15+ amazing years. We look forward to the future with you on our team and contributing to Converge’s growth.


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