Employee Spotlight: Stuart Fisher

More than logistics

Operations is more than simple logistics at Converge; it is the web that ties together the complete cycle of our customer’s products and ensures smooth fulfillment of every order. Stuart Fisher, our Operations Manager in EMEA, is leading the way to methodically manage the unpredictable nature of the components industry.

Drawn in by the diversity and the shared goals to grow and face challenges head on together, Stuart joined the Converge team in 2012 and has grown our EMEA operations team to meet the increasing demand of today’s supply chain.

“Converge has given me the freedom and opportunities to discover my strengths,” said Stuart. “No two days are the same in this industry and working with an amazing team to find solutions is very rewarding.”

“This year in particular has seen its fair share of unique challenges. I’m most proud of the team I work with that even when faced with lockdowns and work from home orders, we pulled together immediately to create a plan and ensure employee safety  business continuity and support for our customers.”

“You’ll hear a common theme around Converge, their investment in their people and the relationships you build here, regardless of your role, become invaluable.”

Thank you, Stuart, for being part of Converge and keeping us moving forward and solving the future.


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