Employee Spotlight: Laurel Kee

Inspiring Excellence

As a leader among the APAC sales team, Laurel Kee has been integral to Converge’s strong presence in South Asia. Through dedication, clear objectives and goal setting, and the mentorship and support from management, Laurel was quickly promoted to Regional Manager. Now, after nearly three years with Converge, it is the company’s clear vision and decisive action towards digital transformation and growth that continues to drive her to exceed expectations.

“At Converge, I am given a voice and my ideas are heard and respected,” said Laurel. “This is a safe and welcoming environment to share suggestions and new ways of improving things.”

In an initiative for our EMS customers, Laurel and the team developed a centralized program. “It wasn’t without its hiccups during the buildout, but through continuous communications and accountability from the team we were able to roll out solutions to improve our EMS partners’ supply chains.”

During the time Laurel has been with Converge, there has been tremendous transformation and growth. “It’s our strategic approaches and solutions built on reliable data and insights that build the foundation of strong relationships with our customers and provide them a competitive edge for handling the challenges of today’s supply chain,” Laurel shared.

The future is full of potential for the technology space. With autonomous vehicles and quantum computing leading the way, it’s clear that communications, network connectivity, and faster, smaller, and smarter technology will be crucial for businesses. Converge is laying the groundwork for innovative supply chain solutions built to handle these new complexities and challenges.

Smart innovating begins with people. “The industry and Converge need individuals that embrace an open mindset. People that are driven and passionate to look for new ways of doing things,” Laurel added. “And those that are determined to grow alongside technological advancements and build the operational efficiency needed to support them.”

Laurel’s open mindset and determination are influenced by Anne Sullivan, one of the greatest teachers in history. Anne taught Helen Keller how to communicate, and, despite her own challenges, she was determined to educate herself to help Keller become the first deaf and blind person to graduate from college. It is this type of personal resolve from both Anne Sullivan and Laurel Kee that is truly inspiring excellence.

Thank you, Laurel, for your leadership and mindset. You inspire us all here at Converge.



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