Employee Spotlight: Amit Chakraborty

Leading Growth

At Converge, our growth has been made possible by individuals that demonstrate leadership, integrity, and positivity every day. As Senior Business Operations Manager, Amit Chakraborty manages Converge’s global business operations. He shares, “During my 15+ years at Converge, I’ve been motivated by the dynamic growth of the organization as well as opportunities to lead and learn. I appreciate that I am encouraged to showcase my professional skillsets and impact the efficiency and adaptability of the company.” Throughout his career at Converge, Amit has enjoyed creating lasting relationships and celebrating key milestones alongside the global team.

Lawrence Tan, Global Director of Business Operations and APAC Finance, says, “Amit is my right-hand man. He has assisted me in transforming our service department to its current state in which the Business Operations team contributes to the evolution of the company. Along the way, he has grown from a manager with a local mindset to a global manager with abilities to involve in projects that cross departments, business divisions, and regions.”

Amit has developed a dedicated environment at Converge over the years, inspiring those around him. He appreciates the opportunity to make a difference in the supply chain and improve operations globally while achieving key objectives that drive the company toward its goals. Over the next decade, he has a positive outlook for the industry and hopes that Converge will “continue to have robust and healthy growth while facilitating a solid foundation of values”. Amit describes Converge as a company full of integrity, respect, and diversity that has enabled him to foster his ambitions.

Thank you, Amit, for your contributions that have had a positive impact on so many and will continue to do so in the coming years.


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