Employee Spotlight: Emily Clayton

Intern to Successful Account Manager

As part of Arrow Electronics, Converge participates in the annual summer internship program. The goal of these internships is to give college students real-world experience at a top tech company and prepare them for a future of success.

Emily Clayton was one of the interns that Converge had the pleasure of having in the summer of 2016. “I was first drawn to Converge, in particular, for our global reach, fast-paced nature, and friendly environment,” said Emily.

Steve Montgomery, Regional Sales Manager shared, “At the end of Emily’s internship, we knew we had a star, and we made an offer for her to join the team full-time as an Account Manager.”
In addition to maintaining and fostering her accounts daily, Emily successfully helps her customers find innovative solutions to their challenging supply chains. “Converge has allowed me the freedom to pave my own path, providing the knowledge, support, and like-minded teammates that give me the confidence to know I’m never going into something alone,” said Emily. “I’m surrounded by experienced, knowledgeable, and genuinely helpful teammates across the globe.”

Within just two years, Emily has blossomed into one of Converge’s model Account 

Managers and has been recognized as a top performer earning the Global Trade Award. “Emily has grown so much in such a short period. I’m honored to continue to watch her develop and see all the successes she achieves,” added Steve.

Emily’s generous nature also has led her to hope to pay it forward. “I want to help new team members develop their own path at Converge and never lose their curiosity and their passion to grow. And for those that are resourceful, supportive, hard-working, and seeking like-minded individuals — Converge is your ticket to blaze your own trail.”

The next generation entering the workforce has some of the best talent that Converge has had and Emily is a prime example of that. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Thank you, Emily, for demonstrating how bright Converge’s and the industry’s future is with individuals like you in it.


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