Employee Spotlight: Kim Reynolds-de Wit

One of the most crucial roles for any business is the administration team and particularly the executive assistants. These individuals not only hold a key role in the productivity of a company, but they also are often at the heart of the culture you can find throughout the business.

Kim Reynolds-de Wit is the pride of our EMEA headquarters office and after just moments of working with her, it is easy to see why. As the Senior Office Manager and Executive Assistant based out of Amsterdam, Kim has enriched and supported those around her, both colleagues and customers, through her passion, drive for efficiency and organization, as well as her heart for helping others.

“The idea that I can provide a solution to someone’s problem, big or small, is what motivates me to do a good job,” shared Kim. “And in order to do that, it is so important to understand and empathize with everyone we interact with.”

Over the past few years, the work environment has changed considerably, not only with current events but also with the acceleration of technological advancements. Kim stressed that throughout all the changes, one thing remains constant: we are all human and still need that personal touch. Connecting, listening, and working together is how we succeed in business and life.

Enda Ruddy, Global Managing Director and works closely with Kim, shared, “Converge and this industry move fast and furious, but throughout it all Kim is our beacon who we turn to. She keeps us organized, efficient and running smoothly, but she’s so much more than that. The past two years have been especially hard on all of us. Kim was there to motivate us, share a kind word, offer a listening ear, and simply treat everyone with respect and kindness.”

At work, we often tend to focus on what we are doing, rather than why we are doing it. Kim mentioned that during her time at Converge, she has been inspired and pushed by Ann Doherty, our Americas Executive Assistant. “Ann encourages me and has taught me to reflect more on myself and the deeper reason behind the daily tasks,” Kim said. “It really puts things in perspective and allows me to see the bigger picture and truly value the part I play in it all.”

In her personal life, Kim’s heart is just as big. She dreams of volunteering and caring for elephants that have been rescued from the tourist industry. And when asked what the name of her autobiography would be, she aptly responded with, “Every downside has its upside.”

The warmth and bright light you shine on all of us at Converge is rejuvenating. Kim, we are grateful for all the support you provide the office, company, and team, but most of all you make Converge a better place by just being you. Thank you!


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