Employee Spotlight: Hal Mindel

Sustained Impact


Converge’s supportive management, collaborative teamwork, and invaluable recognition drive the long-term success of our employees, especially among our tenured team members. For over 25 years, Hal Mindel has been building relationships that result in lasting, effective customer solutions in the electronics supply chain. As Senior Account Manager, Remarketing Sales, Hal manages asset recovery programs for OEM computing partners and contract manufacturers.

To succeed in this highly dynamic industry, Hal stresses that it’s important to stay ahead of technological evolution. One major shift that the world has undergone has been our communication trends. Hal expressed, the biggest change we’ve experienced is how we communicate, both internally and externally. “Two decades ago, the phone on our desk was the single most important tool in building our business. Now, email, text, instant messaging, blogs, and newsfeeds have become the primary ways to communicate efficiently. Technological applications have given us innovative opportunities to change the way we connect with stakeholders, customers, and prospects.” He adds, “our primary responsibility is adapting to industry changes and that includes changing the way we communicate.”

In addition to adapting to change, Hal looks to the future as an opportunity for the explosive growth of new technology that can benefit the entire world, as well as a focus on all areas of the globe including third world nations and emerging markets for the next generation of a connected world.

Hal praises leadership’s support in his career development within Converge, “Every manager I’ve ever had has recognized how my skill set can be leveraged to capitalize on opportunities that ultimately benefit the organization and myself.” He also credits his success to his close, supportive family who motivates him to be a role model and provide them with all the best that life has to offer. Hal’s dedication and achievement can be seen in his proudest moment at Converge: earning a President’s Club award after only his second year with the company.

Hal says it’s crucial to seize the opportunities that present themselves every day. By learning to recognize what opportunities look like, you can then recognize the potential value, whether instant or long-term and capitalize on the chance to build a relationship. His advice: stay organized, develop a process, and stick to it. “I have always strived to grow, I have unwavering trust in our leadership, and I have always been proud to work at Converge.”

Thank you, Hal, for all that you bring to Converge. We’re fortunate to have you on our team!


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