Employee Spotlight: Violetta Andrioli

From helping customers understand their supply chain end-to-end, to assisting in finding the most challenging parts, the industry could not function properly without Account Managers. Though this job is no easy feat in today’s shortage market, Violetta Andrioli, Account Manager, Computing EMEA, is leading the way and providing seamless support to her customers.

Violetta Andrioli

Joining Converge in September 2018, Violetta Andrioli was grateful to feel like she fit in right from the start, simply by having great colleagues that share the same value of hard work as she does.

Her work as an Account Manager is dynamic, complex, and requires a high level of ambition and tenacity. When asked about what motivates her in her role, Violetta shared, “Helping customers in their struggle to find parts is a challenge, but incredibly rewarding. When the supply chain is under stress, we help them to get the parts they need to keep their projects moving forward.” This is certainly a vital role, particularly right now, as so much of the electronics supply chain is running on allocations alone.

“Over the past two years, I have already noticed a shift in how the open market and connected distributors, like Converge, are perceived.” Violetta added, “We still have the responsibility to educate our customers on how difficult and demanding it is to find parts during a shortage and how the market drives pricing.”

While supporting customer demand is a primary function for account managers, Violetta understands the importance of the human factor– being empathetic, collaboratively problem solving, and actively listening to ensure the best solution is found.

When asked about his experience working with Violetta, her manager Tom Nelsey shared that, “Violetta is the ultimate professional. She is intelligent, passionate, and has an incredible dedication to her customer and role. She came to the company, saw what was possible, and took it upon herself to settle for nothing less than the best. It is a privilege to work with her.”

Thank you, Violetta, for your hard work and dedication to helping your customers. We are proud to have you work at Converge!


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