Employee Spotlight: Tom Nelsey

Influencing teams located around the world requires skill, attention to detail, and an understanding of global dynamics. As a Senior Trade Manager of Global Computing, Tom Nelsey excels at each of these and is helping Converge continue to succeed in these areas as well.Tom Nelsey

When he joined Converge in 2004, Tom was still new to the electronics industry—not even knowing what Converge really did. Now, eighteen years later, he has helped shape the EMEA computing team. Moreover, he is also helping grow Converge’s key global relationships and ensuring high-quality supply chain information for his customers. As he grows partnerships around the globe, Tom knows that building relationships within a team is equally as important.

He shares, “Cultivating a positive company culture takes time, patience, and a vision for the future, and it took me time to understand the importance of this for the teams I have managed. I am pleased to say that we are creating an environment that is collaborative and professional, which rewards hard work and dedication to the team & the role.” Tom also explains that with such a dynamic and challenging role, his job is incredibly rewarding. This is because there is always something to learn about himself, and where he wants to go in his career.

Motivation Toward Global Service

Motivated by delivering the ultimate sales experience to the customer, Tom is proud to see people on his team expand Converge’s reach to the far corners of the earth, providing connected distribution and expertise in a variety of verticals. Along with this, he hopes that “Converge will continue to expand, gaining account managers to provide even greater service to customers across the world. Continuing to improve our process to build an even longer-lasting structure will not only enhance independent distribution for customers but change the face of the supply chain.”

After a recent restructuring, his new manager, Paul Zecher shares, “I am excited to have Tom join our team. He has made significant achievements year after year and I am looking forward to him contributing that same success in building new business with the computing team.”

With this restructuring, Tom has transitioned fully into a global development role for key accounts.  He advises that prospective candidates, “give your absolute everything to learn the business, accept the many changing emotions and low points, qualify customers properly, and deliver them a compelling message. Get yourself connected with the many opportunities that Converge has to offer. Don’t accept mediocrity. Always continue to learn and develop, even in the face of challenges.”

Thank you for all your hard work, Tom! We are thankful to have you on our team and look forward to continuing in cultivating an incredible culture.


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