Employee Spotlight: Praveen Sharma

When he began at ConvergPraveen sharma against a grey background wearing a blue shirt and black blazer.e in September 2020, Praveen Sharma never imagined that he would lead his team throughout one of the largest shortages that the electronics industry has ever faced. Despite this, he has thrived in his role as the Sales Director of Central Europe, leading teams across the EMEA region, all with the goal of forming the best team possible.

Through everything, Praveen focuses on team spirit and customer centricity. Clear strategic imperatives drive his team because his biggest goal is to have happy team members, and in turn to have the most satisfied customers possible. Because of this, his team has been able to further extend their reach in industries like industrial, automotive, and healthcare industries in Central EMEA. Additionally, his team has worked to integrate their operations across borders, ensuring full global coverage and alignment. Throughout all of this, his team has additionally made sure to include colleagues at Arrow Electronics to enable a “One Stop Approach” when required.

However, he truly attributes this success to his incredible team. He shares that, “the endless effort of each team member inspires me every day to come to work. Furthermore, the many supporting functions in our team, without whom we could not succeed, provide me the confidence that our daily efforts pay off.”

Working at Converge

This is obviously no surprise to him as he has had a wonderful experience with the company culture at Converge. He says that he is “happy to be part of a company where management has an open-door policy and where team members always cooperate to achieve corporate goals.” From the very start of his time at Converge, Praveen has felt supported in his career development and has been able to grow his understanding of effectively managing large, diverse teams in changing environments.

Looking to the future, Praveen hopes that the industry will continue to have a constant, healthy growth rate and knows that through it all Converge will continually be innovating and adapting to provide the best supply chain services to our customers. He is certain that, “By being proactive and open to change, Converge will always be prepared to meet upcoming challenges in the supply chain and help our customers build better, more efficient supply chains.”

We look forward to working with you for years to come, Praveen! Thank you for all your hard work to build the best supply chain for each and every customer.

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