Employee Spotlight: Joyce Peh

“What motivates me in my role is watching parcels leave our doors every day on their way to customers. It reminds me that what we do at Converge is important and we are working to Solve the Future every single day with each shipment.” – Joyce Peh

As Logistics Supervisor in APAC, Joyce Peh ensures shipments are on-time for customers. Between problem solving skills and top-tier knowledge of the industry, Joyce has certainly been an effective leader throughout the entire company.

Joyce Peh

More than twenty-two years have passed since Joyce first began at Converge and she has proven time and time again to be equally as passionate about her role and the company. Much of this is because she shares that, “Converge is a family. The most unique thing about working here is truly that Converge is not just my work, it’s also my home.” When asked about the company culture, Joyce described it as challenging, motivating, and passionate, ultimately dedicated to providing the best service for every customer.

Joyce’s Time at Converge

Overall, Joyce has enjoyed her time at Converge because of the consistent opportunities and encouragement that she receives from management, as well as the inspiring women around her. Particularly, Joyce shares that she has been inspired by Alice Fong, sharing, “Alice has provided me so many opportunities to learn and improve. I have learned so much from her and am inspired by her motivation and drive.” In fact, this supportive environment from Alice and other managers, as well as other employees around her is what Joyce is most proud of at Converge.

Her own manager, Angeline Wang, shares, “There is this saying in Chinese: Having an ‘elder’ in your home is to have a treasure. With her years of service and experience, Joyce has certainly earned that title, and is just like a mother to the team.”

Joyce acknowledges that in the past few decades the world has become increasingly technology-driven. Because of this, she advises that it is vital for Converge to continue to support growth and remain a top contender in the electronics industry. However, she is increasingly confident that this will remain the case. “With best practices implemented, Converge will continue to offer a diverse range of products and services, connecting customers to our global network, and making us a more vital part of the electronics industry than ever before.”

Thank you, Joyce for being such an encouraging member of our team and for all of your hard work over the last twenty two years!



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