Employee Spotlight: Phanna Phoeng

“Converge has helped me gain knowledge of not only our industry, but also helped me grow to be a better leader for my team.” – Phanna Phoeng

In high-reliability industries, such as the electronics industry, there is little room for error; therefore, it is crucial to have employees who take pride in providing the highest quality of components for every customer.

Since joining the Converge team in 2010, Phanna Phoeng has done just that. He has consistently demonstrated a strong desire to provide the highest quality components for every customer he works with. Over the years, he has spent his time reviewing purchase orders and quality documents to determine individual customers’ requirements. Since the beginning of his time at Converge, counterfeits have become increasingly more prevalent, and in turn are becoming more difficult to detect. This has made Phanna’s role even more vital to ensure authenticity and electrical testing never fall by the wayside.

Phanna Phoeng

In addition to his role in quality, Phanna has played a key role in growing Converge’s impact in high-reliability industries. He shares that, “it has been one of my proudest moments at Converge to help grow our high reliability business. Starting with a small team and slowly expanding has been incredible, and we now have our own test lab in Peabody and are supporting customers globally. It has been so fulfilling and makes me honored to be a part of this team.”

It is certainly no easy task to grow such a vital part of an industry, but Phanna shares that despite the challenge, everyone has continued collaborating to find the best solutions for every customer, welcoming every new obstacle along the way. He truly attributes these successes to hard work, perseverance, and an abundance of effort. Phanna explains, “this is the key to succeeding in a dynamic industry. Your perseverance will go a long way and will be evident to all those around you, calling them to a higher standard of quality too.”

Outside of work, Phanna has a four-year-old German Shepherd mix named Brady, and enjoys spending time with him. As he continues in his career here at Converge, he says that he looks forward to further growth, learning, and adaptation no matter what comes his way.

We appreciate all that you do, Phanna, and look forward to seeing all you’ll accomplish at Converge in the future!


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