Employee Spotlight: Jenny Wang

With her dedication, expertise, and positive attitude, Jenny Wang has made a lasting impact on Converge during her tenure of over twenty years. In her role as senior manager of finance and business operations, Jenny oversees various aspects including tax, reports, local sales, and leading a regional team. Her commitment to excellence and ability to work towards the department’s mission is highly valued.

When asked about our company culture, Jenny shared, “It’s the open, dynamic, and fair environment at Converge that sets us apart. There is a culture of recognition and hard work and a leadership team that is dedicated to the growth and development of their staff.” Elaborating on Converge’s leadership, Jenny continued, “I started as an accountant, but it was with my manager’s guidance and support that I’ve been able to expand my abilities and grow in my career. Feeling valued and appreciated by management is one of the biggest motivators for me and this team.”

To maintain the highest industry standards, Converge has robust systems, processes, and internal controls in place. It’s up to every one of our employees to uphold these standards, and Jenny embraces the structure in her daily work. Her manager, Lawrence Tan, shared, “Jenny’s efficiency and desire for continuous improvement help advance our processes to manage risk and promote productivity.” He continued, “Furthermore, her optimistic outlook and collaborative attitude among the finance and business operations functions are attributes that lead to her team’s success.”

In 2020, Jenny displayed these qualities as she managed a significant project for her region: moving into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that resulted in significant changes to company-wide processes and procedures. Successfully implementing this transformation for Converge highlighted Jenny’s adaptability and determination in the face of challenges. She persevered and didn’t allow any obstacles to dull her spirit. If Jenny were to write an autobiography, she would title it “A Lady Who Always Smiles,” which aptly represents the joy she brings to her work and the uplifting demeanor in her interactions with others.

Jenny hopes that Converge continues to grow as a trusted, integrated supply chain partner for years to come. “Our team has an unparalleled ability to help companies mitigate the impacts of global supply chain events,” she explained. To be successful in the future, Jenny believes that foresight, good planning, diligence, and readiness to seize opportunities are crucial.

Jenny’s journey at Converge is an inspiration. Her commitment, skill, and unwavering optimism make her a vital member of our company. We are grateful to have her on our team and look forward to witnessing all she accomplishes next. Thank you, Jenny!

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