Employee Spotlight: Amber Sheaves

Excelling in a challenging market is no easy feat, and Amber Sheaves has not only accomplished this, but also led her team to success as well.

From the first day she joined the Converge team in March 2021, Amber says that she has had an incredible experience. She shares that it was clear from the start that whether it is career development or leading a team, “Everyone is so willing to help you when you need it. I am grateful for how essential Converge has been in my career development and I look forward to growing with the company for years to come!” As she helps to provide solutions for the future, she shares that this is her goal every day: to ensure that she supports her customers with Converge’s unique market expertise.

Amber Sheaves

Moreover, she has learned the best way to be successful is to just be herself. By working hard and not giving up, Amber has seen impressive results and believes that this is the key for incoming employees as well.

Looking to the Future

Over the next ten years, Amber plans to continue advancing her team and is excited to help Converge grow and excel in every area! This is particularly exciting to her after observing David Mandragouras and David Coates, who have both been in the industry for numerous years. She shares that, “David Mandragouras and David Coates are both huge inspirations for me in Converge! I have appreciated getting the opportunity to connect and work with so many incredible individuals. These two have an abundance of knowledge and expertise that I also hope to have one day.”

Her manager, David Mandragouras, says, “Since Amber has become the Inside Sales Manager, she has shown responsibility and ownership of the Halifax team.  Her dedication and professionalism have been invaluable to our success with both the Branch and Staff.”

Looking ahead, she recognizes that “whatever happens in the industry from here on out, companies must know that having a distributor like Converge on their side is essential. The whole industry must be increasingly adaptable to be successful, and I look forward working with Converge to help this happen!”

Thank you for all your hard work, Amber! We cannot wait to watch your continued success over the coming years.

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