A Renovation for Our Singapore Warehouse

Converge is excited to announce the recent warehouse renovation of our Singapore location. This location serves as our Asia Pacific (APAC) headquarters and hub and is integral to Converge’s global footprint.

Pictured below are before and after images of the renovation. 


Our newly upgraded warehouse will provide us with:

  • Optimized flow of material through the warehouse space
  • Enhanced customer experience for visits and audits
  • Room for expansion in all departments

During the ceremony, the Southern Chinese custom of the dancing lions was celebrated. In Chinese customs, lions are an auspicious animal and symbolize strength, stability, and superiority. The dance is to chase away evil spirits and welcome prosperous times.

two people flanked by two dragons

Converge continues to grow and invest in its in-house inspection capabilities to better serve our customers and safeguard their supply chains. We would like to thank the Converge team again for making this project a success and we look forward to welcoming visitors to our warehouse soon.

Contact us to learn more.

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