Singapore’s Vibrant Office Renovation

Converge is excited to announce the recent renovation of our Singapore office. This location serves as our Asia Pacific (APAC) headquarters and hub. Singapore is integral to Converge’s global footprint and serves supply chains across the world. Currently, 88 employees work in this 7,500 square foot location including our operations team and warehouse staff who keep the business running smoothly to serve our customers.


After operating in this location for 22 years, Converge has made a sizeable investment in the workspace to provide a fresh look and better reflect the contemporary feel of the area.

Lawrence Tan, Global Director – Business Operations and APAC Finance, shared, “This new space will provide a modern office with a vibrant working environment for the Converge team. The refreshed design encourages spontaneous collaboration and teamwork.”


A few cultural traditions were celebrated during the grand re-opening ceremony:

  • Stepping over fire (charcoal bucket): to burn out/cleanse the evil influences and thereby open to receiving fortune and luck
  • Rolling pineapples: a Southern China custom; the pronunciation of pineapple is the same sound as prosperity; akin to rolling good luck and prosperity into the new office
  • Lions: another Southern China custom; lions symbolize strength, stability, and superiority and are an auspicious animal in Chinese custom; the dance is to chase away evil spirits and welcome prosperous times
  • Poems: wishing luck, fortune, and prosperity


This upgrade is another example of Converge’s commitment to growth and to our team. “We need this kind of working environment,” said Bobby Ireland, Global Managing Director, “to keep the culture and values of Converge strong and felt throughout the organization. I wish prosperity and great success for our Singapore colleagues and the APAC region.” We’re excited for the future of Converge Singapore!

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