Women in Supply Chain 2021 Award Winner: Kaitlin Pollara

Updated: October 21, 2021
Original Post Date: September 17, 2021

Converge is proud to announce Kaitlin Pollara as a winner of this year’s Women in Supply Chain award!

Watch Kaitlin’s full video interview on the complexities of the supply chain and how global collaboration is key to solving today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. 

Supply & Demand Chain Executive honors female supply chain leaders and executives whose accomplishments, mentorship, and examples set a foundation for women in all levels of a company’s supply chain network. With an especially tough year and a half for the supply chain, as disruptions in the industry continue to come in waves, it has forced companies to adapt in ways never seen before. To keep things moving, great leaders of the supply chain used their ingenuity to bridge the many gaps that came to light and many of those great leaders are women. According to a survey from Gartner, women now make up 41% of the supply chain workforce, up from 39% in 2020.

Kaitlin Pollara, Business Development Manager for Converge, runs the cloud and procurement businesses in the Americas and has been transformative in the company since 2005. She takes an active role in driving collaboration, innovation, and mentoring to pass on her expertise to female colleagues in developing their own professional networks. Kaitlin has pioneered global collaboration initiatives that have given customers an ideal experience and she recognizes the importance of a circular supply chain, bringing attention to operations, machinery, manpower, testing software, and remarketing products in a sustainable way.

Her goal is to minimize disruption and allow customers to focus on their core business, collaborating to bring new improvements to the industry, paving the way for the new generation, especially the female talent to thrive in the open market. Throughout history, women have had a powerful role in shaping conscious change and innovation within supply chains. “Kaitlin is truly an inspiration and dedicated worker, and we are proud to recognize that within Converge,” says Enda Ruddy, Global Managing Director, Remarketing Sales at Converge “Her success and passion will inspire others to thrive and to keep pursuing their passions within the supply chain.”

“The global electronics supply chain has been severely disrupted, and I am part of Converge’s supply chain sustainability initiative by building out our product remarketing channels. Our goal is to respond to our customers’ needs for more supply chain resilience and visibility by delivering high value market intelligence and service,” says Pollara. “The supply chain needs to be elevated to a strategic role at C-level within organizations, and collaboration across supply chains must be encouraged to face challenges such as resilience and security, which affect us all.”

Congratulations, Kaitlin, on this remarkable achievement and we’re honored to have you part of Converge.

Read the full announcement from Supply & Demand Chain Executive

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