Women in Supply Chain 2022 Award Winner: Laura Michael

Converge is proud to announce Laura Michael as a winner of this year’s Women in Supply Chain award!

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Supply & Demand Chain Executive celebrates all of the women in its third annual Women in Supply Chain award, which honors female supply chain leaders and executives whose accomplishments, mentorship and examples set a foundation for women in all levels of a company’s supply chain network. Their accomplishments have made such a difference in the supply chain this year. 

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Laura Michael serves as global leader, marketing and communications for Converge, an Arrow company. Her vision and leadership redefined the team’s scope to not only drive a newly developed brand image and provide creative demand generation, but to also help educate employees and customers on the global supply chain. Through daily research, events, presentations, blogs and other communication vehicles, Michael and her team highlighted potential supply chain issues, root causes and best practices and ultimately connected Converge’s supply chain experts, enabling them to offer creative solutions to those impacted. Michael and her team also helped to connect the proper Converge solutions to the right people at the right time, helping many companies navigate disruptions and continue production. For example, her team developed and facilitated hundreds of customer trainings on the global shortage market under the Converge “Perfect Storm” series.

“Laura is a team player that steps outside of the traditional marketing role to help in areas of our business that need to be strengthened to make our brand commitment of solving the future of supply chain management a reality,” according to Converge, an Arrow company. “Laura is a marketing leader. She excels in helping customers understand the issues they face and realize that they are not the only ones wrestling with identifying the proper solutions to supply chain challenges. Like in most cases, this begins with awareness, education and confirmation of the business challenges that one faces and then identifying the available solutions. The resolution begins with education and awareness and ultimately leads to innovation. One cannot occur without the other. Thanks to Laura and her team, our customers are both aware and prepared to face today’s challenges and solve those they may face in the future.”

Congratulations, Laura, on this remarkable achievement and we’re honored to have you part of Converge.

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