Vince Spellane, Staff Project Engineer – System Sustainment Management at Lockheed Martin speaks on the future of the DMSMS industry at the annual Converge event FOM2019 in Dallas, TX.



Meet Vince Spellane

Vince Spellane has 35 years of diverse Electrical Engineering experience in the Aerospace Industry, with over 15 years performing DMSMS and Sustainment Management. He has published 16 papers in DMSMS and supply chain management in national publications and conference proceedings and has presented at 10 national conferences on DMSMS management.

His other experiences include: Analog and Power Systems Design, Systems Integration and Test, Systems Engineering, and Reliability and Quality Control Engineering. His designs include Controls Software for 737’s engine controls, the B2 Engine Control System, and Chrysler Electric Vehicle power steering unit.

Vince has worked with several branches of the Armed Services (Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard) over many types of equipment, Ships, manned vehicles (Helicopters, Jets, Bombers, Cargo Transport) and unmanned vehicles (UAV’s, Aerostats).

Vince is married, has 4 children, is a communications instructor and a Logistics and Sustainment Continuing Education Instructor.

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