Future of Obsolescence Management

Proactive and data-driven solutions for obsolescence management that offer new ideas and a strategic approach to address the challenges of obsolescence and decrease your risk in a highly volatile and evolving supply chain.


Unparalleled breadth of data and sources provides unique insight into market conditions and availability.


Continual data exchange enables customers to understand their own data against the wider supply chain.


Understanding the meeting of content and context gives control over the decision making timeline to our customers, increasing decision speed, reducing spend and mitigating risk.

FOM Services

Our team of obsolescence experts evaluates your supply chain needs and challenges, and then provides predictive insight using data analysis tools and our industry expertise to help you plan and source for obsolete components.

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FOM Analytics

Content … Context … Control

Utilizing your existing content on inventory and bill of materials, we apply our data analytics tools and market expertise to provide you with a deeper analysis of what, when and how much is purchased, empowering you to make more-informed decisions.

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FOM Quality

An established global and consistent Q360 quality management process that provides secure counterfeit protection while ensuring that the highest-quality electronic components are sourced from only trusted suppliers.

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FOM Community

Join a community that facilitates the communication of news, events and resources relative to obsolescence to support you with issues that may affect your supply chain.

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