Safeguarding Your Supply Chain

Quality Programs to Ensure the Integrity of Sources and Components

Meeting your production schedule means nothing if your products aren’t reliable. Converge’s quality-management program establishes safeguards that protect your supply chain by detecting counterfeit components and preventing them from entering your supply chain.

With a team of experienced and certified engineers, inspectors and logistics specialists, we’ve developed a zero-tolerance quality-control process that can eliminate the risks of navigating the open market.

Converge’s quality program includes:

  • Global Supplier Management Program
    – A supplier management with screening and improvement processes
  • Inspection and testing services
  • Quality, Environmental certifications and Industry affiliations

Converge’s commitment to providing quality electronic parts has convinced technology-driven companies around the world to choose Converge as their premier supply chain partner.

Certified Quality

Converge has global facilities that are certified to international standards including AS6081, AS9120, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and ESD S20.20. Each facility is staffed with a team of component quality engineers and trained inspectors who ensure continuous quality improvement.

Download our Quality Policy

Download our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Combating Counterfeits

Is your supply chain secured against counterfeit components? Converge can help you mitigate the risk with best-in-class quality management, backed by quality certifications such as AS6081 and AS9120, a test lab and certified engineers and supplier management program.


Protecting the Supply Chain