FOM2019 Webinar Series – Part 3

FOM2019 Webinar Series – Part 3 of 3:

External Challenges to Your Obsolescence Strategy

Thursday, September 19 @ 11AM MDT / 1PM EDT

Component availability is a huge problem when we’re trying to solve obsolescence and that’s not getting easier….but….is availability your largest headache when looking for solutions? How about quality? What about lead time, testing, pricing or traceability? How can you start to understand and manage all of these priorities at the same time? In part 3 of our webinar series, we looked at external issues affecting your ability to make good decisions, and this webinar we’ll learn about…

  • The added complexities from the open market
  • Trust and management of vendors
  • Continuing affects of mergers and acquisitions
  • Quality and counterfeit avoidance
  • Market behavior following the largest and deepest shortage we’ve ever seen.

Join Converge as we take a dive into what you can do to remove these challenges and make some real progress.