MXM Case Study: The Philosophy of Helping During a Shortage Market

MXM, a Czech German electric dirt bike start-up, was facing several challenges to fulfill its targets. They use the latest technology to optimize each part to get a competitive weight and performance from the bike. Unable to use off-the-shelf parts like electric motors, inverters, and so on, they had to develop these parts in-house following their unique requirements.

Sebastian Braun, CTO and co-founder of MXM

During development, the processing time is a critical factor and current extended lead times of electronic components presented a major problem. Impacted by the pandemic and the growth of the electric automotive sector, MXM, as a small company, must compete with global players for these high-demand parts. “This makes it so much harder and slows down the process if you don’t have a supplier who stands on your side,” says Sebastian Braun, CTO, and co-founder of MXM.

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