Gartner’s Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021

Converge invests in obtaining market research from industry leading sources to enable our customers to stay ahead of the information curve. We believe the first step in solving the future is to understand where technology is headed and how it will impact your business opportunity. 

Last year the entire globe experienced unprecedented disruptions — in our personally lives, the economy, geo-political issues, supply chain and more. As we all look to the new year, we are still responding to a shift that we never expected and have forced organizations to “explore new ways to operate and drive growth.” 

During these times, technology has advanced and evolved to continue to meet the demand of our changing world. In this comprehensive eBook from Gartner, there are three main themes for the technology trends for 2021:

  1. People centricity: Despite the pandemic changing how many people work and interact with organizations, people are still at the center of all business — and they need digitalized processes to function in today’s environment.
  2. Location independence: COVID-19 has shifted where employees, customers, suppliers and organizational ecosystems physically exist. Location independence requires a technology shift to support this new version of business.
  3. Resilient delivery: Whether a pandemic or a recession, volatility exists in the world. 

The overarching message that Gartner shares is that it is the “organizations that are prepared to pivot and adapt [that] will weather all types of disruptions.” 

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“Gartner 2021 Top Tech Trends.” Edited by Brian Burke, Gartner, 2020,


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