June 14, 2021 // ON-DEMAND WEBINAR

Obsolete vs. Short: Which First?

Obsolete vs. Short: Which First?

14 June 2021


Obsolete vs. Short: Which First?

14 June 2021


Obsolete vs. Short: Which First?

According to Gartner, “Supply chain leaders misjudged the complexity and intricacy of the semiconductor supply chain. They were caught off guard by a series of interconnected evolving events.”

These events have led to a perfect storm for the electronics industry and impacting the entire world.

Now, as the shortage market sees no signs of easing, and new pressures like factory fires and significant shipping delays continue to add to global challenges, how do Supply Chain professionals continue to balance short-term fixes for critical shortages with the ever-present risk and challenge of obsolescence?

Converge’s Future of Obsolescence Management webinar discusses how – even during the shortage market – obsolescence is an ongoing and growing reality that may not be getting the attention it needs when there are other pressing issues at hand.

During this webinar, Converge and our guest speakers discussed…

  • The perfect storm of events that led to today’s shortage market and how it differs from shortages of the past.
  • How the demand for new technology means production capacity is still the key consideration when understanding when shortages will ease
  • What you can do to adapt and practical next steps to handle today’s supply chain challenges and the challenges of the future.
  • How obsolescence is the looming byproduct of a shortage market

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Meet the Speakers


Bjoern Bartels

Managing Director



Sam Stephens

Senior Sourcing Manager, EMEA



Gary Cantor

VP, Global Alliance

Arrow Electronics

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