September 06 - 07, 2023 // Boston, MA

FOM2023 Boston

Regaining Control in the New Supply Chain

Thank you for helping make FOM2023 Boston such a major success! 

Click here to access speaker presentations and recordings.


Thank you for helping make FOM2023 Boston such a major success! 

Click here to access speaker presentations and recordings.


The in-person Future of Obsolescence Management conference returns, with this year’s theme: Regaining Control in the New Supply Chain. Hosted at the legendary Revere Hotel Boston Common, this event will include interactive workshops, guest speaker talks, partner showcase, and strategic meetings.

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Solutions Day

Wednesday, September 6

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Revere Hotel Boston Common

“Build an Intelligent Supply Chain” hosted by SiliconExpert

During this half-day, highly interactive and engaging session, we’ve invited SiliconExpert to take you through the power of data. Lifecycle management in today’s new supply chain requires visibility and agility to regain control and pivot when disruptions occur.

Through an interactive experience, you will have hands-on opportunities to design, optimize and solve real world scenarios. Bringing together the cross-functional roles of engineering, compliance, and supply chain management, you’ll discover the necessary building blocks to implement a culture of resilience.

SiliconExpert’s intelligence factory is bringing both reactive and proactive solutions across the entire lifecycle and organization to transform how customers manage obsolescence and future-proof their entire supply chain.



Thursday, September 7

FOM conference
8:15 am – 4:30 pm

Conference at the Revere Hotel Boston Common

The supply chain has fundamentally changed after the perfect storm of disruption events, geopolitical influences, and the massive shortage market we’ve experienced. With our focus on shortages, there is another looming challenge growing — obsolescence. This year, suppliers will make decisions that will set off the next blow to the supply chain; mergers and acquisitions, buyouts, a rise of Product Change Notifications (PCNs), and ultimately End-of-Life (EOL) Notifications on less profitable lines. 

Regaining control, however, is possible. The lessons learned from the shortage market can be applied to managing obsolescence as well. During this year’s FOM2023 Boston, together we’ll explore the new supply chain, how it has reshaped the way we manage obsolescence, and proven strategies and methods to regain control, covering topics including:

  • The role of data in supply chain visibility
  • Quality and security in an out-of-control supply chain
  • New industries faced with the challenge of obsolescence


Event Schedule

The event will begin with an interactive half-day workshop on the 6th of September. The conference on the following day will include eight guest speakers sharing strategies to regain control of managing obsolescence in the new supply chain.

*Schedule is subject to change.


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