Can’t find the part you’re looking for?

We can locate hard-to-find, last-time buys (LTBs) and end-of-life (EOL) components in even the most challenging of markets.

To find the parts you’re looking for, please complete the request form and your inquiry will be expedited to an account manager. Be sure to include part number, manufacturer, and quantity.

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Industry-Leading Sourcing Capabilities

Supply Ties

Converge has the market space that is essential to quickly resolve electronic component shortages. With established original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) relationships, we help our customers manage constrained supply situations by sourcing allocated, obsolete, end-of-life electronic components and other hard-to-find parts.

Sourcing Assets

Converge brings an unparalleled breadth of assets to the sourcing process. With our global reach, diverse product offering and world-class quality inspection process, Converge represents the leading choice for a strategic sourcing partner.

Market Visibility

Converge’s extensive market knowledge and connections allow us to quickly detect component shortages. Our agile approach allows us to react quickly and advise our clients before shortages impact their pricing and production.

Data Distinction

Converge’s unique data-analytics capabilities allow us to match your demand against global supply. Leveraging your data, Converge can pinpoint potential shortage sourcing risks in the supply chain, solve obsolescence situations and manage the full lifecycle of your components.