Matching Supply and Demand to Keep Stockpiles Under Control

Best Practices that Minimize Inventories and Maximize
Value Recovery

Inventory Solution

We offer flexible excess inventory management solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers. Whatever your specific inventory challenges are, we can help reduce costs, increase returns and drive recovery revenue.

Inventory Connections

Converge leverages its preferred status with top-tier OEMs, EMS providers and sourcing partners to bring a wide range of products to global markets. Our targeted marketing approach to surpluses of electronic components enables us to match supply and demand by utilizing leading-edge data analytical tools.

Market Routes

Depending on your needs, Converge is capable of recovering the value of excess inventory through multiple channels. From outright buy programs to consignment sales, Converge has the means to quickly and profitably liquidate stockpiles.

Environmental Compliance

Converge can design and implement a solution that adheres to all global environmental compliance standards—even as it rapidly maximizes value recovery.


Transform Excess Inventory