FOM2019 Webinar Series

Achieving Clarity in Your Supply Chain

3-Part Webinar Series

Join us this Summer, as we hear perspectives from top industry leaders on what has changed in managing obsolescence over the past year and what they are doing to achieve better clarity in their supply chain. This 3-part live webinar series will provide insights, key themes across the industry and best practices to build a transparent supply chain.

Part 1:

Obsolescence: How Transparency and New Perspectives Bring Better Responses

  Wednesday, July 17 @ 11AM MDT / 1PM EDT

When was the last time you truly sought out a new idea or new way of working to try and solve obsolescence? We have learned over the last 5 years of FOM events that best practice can come from the most unexpected places.  Join Converge on July 17th to participate in the journey together and discuss…

  • As the components market comes out of the shadow of shortages and huge merger and acquisitions activity, how is the landscape different?
  • How did your strategy to fix shortages affect your partnerships in the supply chain?
  • What will you do differently tomorrow with the lessons you learned yesterday?

Part 2:

Internal Obstacles to Effective Obsolescence Management

  Tuesday, August 20 @ 11AM MDT / 1PM EDT

Most organizations – large and small – need to make decisions that are sensible and well-considered before allowing money to be spent, or resources to be invested. But there are internal obstacles around every corner…

  • What if nobody else in the business understands the pure risk, and pressure that comes with making critical obsolescence decisions?
  • Who else knows the true cost of redesign or re-certifications?
  • Why won’t the sales team stop taking orders for the 40 year old platform that we can’t find the parts for any more?
  • Doesn’t finance understand that just because this key component cost $1 when we designed the assembly 20 years ago, that $150 is a real price today?
  • With so much at risk for poor decision making, and so little time to make good choices, how can we remove those internal obstacles, and make progress together?

As an introduction to the first of our workshop talk tracks at FOM2019 in Dallas, we’ll take time to explore the obstacles to effective Obsolescence Management, and discuss some coping strategies to get to better results.

Part 3:

External Challenges to Your Obsolescence Strategy 

  Thursday, September 19 @ 11AM MDT / 1PM EDT

Component availability is a huge problem when we’re trying to solve obsolescence and that’s not getting easier….but….is availability your largest headache when looking for solutions? How about quality? What about lead time, testing, pricing or traceability? How can you start to understand and manage all of these priorities at the same time? In part 3 of our webinar series, we looked at external issues affecting your ability to make good decisions, and this webinar we’ll learn about…

  • The added complexities from the open market
  • Trust and management of vendors
  • Continuing affects of mergers and acquisitions
  • Quality and counterfeit avoidance
  • Market behavior following the largest and deepest shortage we’ve ever seen.

Join Converge as we take a dive into what you can do to remove these challenges and make some real progress.