FOM2019 Webinar Series – Part 1

FOM2019 Webinar Series – Part 1 of 3:

Obsolescence: How Transparency and New Perspectives Bring Better Responses

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When was the last time you truly sought out a new idea or new way of working to try and solve obsolescence? We have learned over the last 5 years of FOM events that best practice can come from the most unexpected places.  Join Converge on July 17th to participate in the journey together and discuss…

  • As the components market comes out of the shadow of shortages and huge merger and acquisitions activity, how is the landscape different?
  • How did your strategy to fix shortages affect your partnerships in the supply chain?
  • What will you do differently tomorrow with the lessons you learned yesterday?



Sean Nelan

Director of Semiconductor Supplier Marketing
Arrow Electronics

Diane Donnermeyer Headshot

Diane Donnermeyer

Supply Chain Director
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories